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SERVICES: Dogs, Cats and Small Animals

In-Home Consultations: Consultations are held at your preferred location within the Prescott (quad cities) area.  Outside of the Prescott area and within Arizona, please inquire for the travel fee.  

Virtual Consultations: Consultations are held in your preferred method: chat, phone, email, or virtual in-person such as Skype.

In naturopathy the whole animal is considered when handling the root cause of imbalances.  The services below are not all-inclusive, same as health.  Let's discuss your companion's specific needs during a wellness consultation.

Nutrition Consultations
Time: Initial (45 minutes) and follow-up (30 minutes)

Consultations provide education and support on: species appropriate diet, the transition to the new diet, revisions based on the pet’s individual needs and supplement recommendations.  The benefits of a species appropriate diet (not an all-inclusive list):  healthy immune system, improved digestion, better weight management, healthy teeth, shiny coat, better behavior, and less smelly stools.          

Inquire for prices > (928) 707-2784 or

Wellness Consultations

Time: Initial (60 or 90 minutes) and follow-up (30 or 60 minutes)

Wellness consultations include an individualized nutrition consultation and wellness solutions specific to your companion, such as (not an all-inclusive list): natural parasite control, detoxification, natural healing modalities, behavior, natural rearing, weight control, oral health, supplements, and more ... such as essential oils for animals (to be determined later).

Great for specific health needs, better immune system to thrive, natural breeding, senior pets, or get your companion on the right path as soon as they come home!

Inquire for prices > (928) 707-2784 or

Wellness Packages - Savings!

3 Month Package:

Initial Consultation (60 mins)

+ 2 Follow-up (30 mins each)

6 Month Package:

Initial Consultation (60 mins)

+ 5 Follow-up (30 mins each)

12 Month Package:

Initial Consultation (60 mins)

+ 11 Follow-up (30 mins each)

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