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The Holidays … treats, table scraps … WARNING

The Holidays … treats, table scraps … WARNING!

The holidays are approaching. Our dogs are prepared for this! Families and friends gather to share time and food. Our companions know how to seize the opportunity of practicing their big puppy eyes to get whatever they can from visitors … well under the table of course!

What’s so bad with a piece of meat here and there? The forbidden treats … don’t share table scraps for many reasons.

Various changes happen to the properties of the meat “when food is cooked above 117 degrees F for only three minutes or longer” (Thomason, 2010). Per Dr. Thomason, a few of the changes that happens when the meat is cooked:

  • high temperatures denature protein molecular structure, leading to deficiency of some essential amino acids

  • overly heated fats generate numerous carcinogens including acrolein, nitrosamines, hydrocarbons, and benzopyrene (one of the most potent cancer-causing agents known)

  • 30% to 50% of vitamins and minerals are destroyed

  • 100% of enzymes are damaged, the body's enzyme potential is depleted which drains energy needed to maintain and repair tissue and organ systems, thereby shortening the life span

Our companions now suffer similar diseases as we do. We think we have ‘domesticated’ our carnivores. Have we? … I mean … have we changed their mitochondrial DNA? The dog’s DNA has not changed because of us. Per Wayne, “[…] studies have shown that from a genetic standpoint, the domestic dog shares more than 99.8% of its mDNA with the wolf”, (case, 2008). Our ‘domesticated’ carnivores have not evolved to new nutritional needs.

What would happen if your companion would escape and had to fend for him or herself? There’s one thing I can guarantee: the escape artist would NOT cook their food! They may be domesticated but they have not evolved abilities to start a fire.

Going back to what happens to meat when it’s heated … it would explain the need for the long list of ingredients in commercial pet foods. The food is killed beyond any nutritional value and “stuff” is added to make it a “well-balanced” diet … then we see and now it’s common for our companions to be “allergic” to a type of meat or the companion suffering from digestive issues. They are not meant to ingest denatured meats.

Oh … the scariest of all .. and please read – the WARNING is to NEVER NEVER feed cooked bones to your pets. The heat changes the chemistry structure of the bones and they splinter and become a major choking hazard. Now … isn’t it making sense that we became scared of feeding bones? It wasn’t the raw bones. The culprit is the cooked bones.

Learning the anatomy of the carnivore helped me solidify my understanding. I’m trying to keep my articles to the point and short … I will keep the carnivore anatomy for another article.

Meanwhile if you want to know more …

Contact me for a Nutrition Consultation … I will hold your hand and share information to empower you with the tools to take care of your companions. Your pet(s) depend on you, you are their best advocates. You owe it to them - to provide them with the best foundation to a healthy life!

P.S. I love life! Important message about holistic practitioners being killed off > Click Here

“Don't believe what I post research what I post,”

~ Anonymous

Chantal L Regan

Certified Animal Naturopath

Student of Animal Acupressure

Mind Animal Spirit LLC


Thomason, J. (2010). Kibble Is Kibble Is STILL Kibble! Retrieved January 9, 2016 from

Case. (2008). ASAS CENTENNIAL PAPER: Perspectives on domestication: The history of our relationship with man’s best friend Retrieved October 23, 2017 from

Disclaimer: the information provided in this article is for educational purpose only and is not intended to replace medical care or to diagnose. Unless otherwise indicated, all materials on these pages, either text or image may be used for any purpose other than personal use. Therefore, reproduction, modification, storage in a retrieval system or retransmission, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical or otherwise, for reasons other than personal use, is strictly prohibited without prior written permission.

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