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The Whole Picture After-The-Fact! Can’t Take Back the Cause of an Adverse Reaction

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The Whole Picture After-The-Fact!

Can’t Take Back the Cause of an Adverse Reaction.

Oh the things I wish I could say to my baby boy Bauer. One being “Wish I could go back, do things differently, one being to spend more time with you. I love the way you looked at me. You were the only who understood me as much as you did. No matter the pain, the pain of losing a loved one – a soul mate, I would do it all over. I miss you Bauer Boy xoxox”

All the wishing to go back will not bring back my baby boy. Bauer gave me the strength to find answers, to keep going, to keep fighting, and to educate others.

The following is written after-the-fact, the completed puzzle. The pieces came together after Bauer passed away.

One day, distracted by a deadline, having to save time as I was ‘too busy’ to drive across town to purchase our trusted potty litter brand, I decided to try “Tidy Cats Light Weight” litter. Bauer had a difficult time using the bathroom that weekend. He was squatting, distressed and in pain. Today, I realize the importance of using organic material, even for litter! Wish I knew at the time that Tidy Cats Light Weight litter is known to cause inflammation of the urinary tract. Seeing Bauer in pain, I lost all common sense. If I would have been equipped with knowledge, I would have placed my energy and trust in myself and what I KNEW. Instead, I grabbed onto fear and placed my trust in the wrong people. It is important to remember that we are our pets’ best advocate. We are the ones to make decisions. Don’t give this right away!

I rushed Bauer to the veterinarian and told him: ‘please save him’. I was handed a lot of documents with fine print … but I was too worried, shaking, so afraid of losing my boy that I could not read them.

Bauer came home the next day. It was good to have my boy home. I didn’t know that the coming weeks would be his fast decline. Under the veterinarian’s care, he received the well-loved Convenia. Convenia® (cofovecin sodium) , an antibiotic administered to cats and dogs to treat bacterial skin infections. This antibiotic injection is widely used as off-label to treat urinary issues in cats. Bauer displayed new symptoms within a week. His health declined at an alarming rate. Over the next weeks, he received several diagnoses ranging from the original, unknown cause of urinary inflammation, to irritable bowel disease, ataxia attacks to gastrointestinal lymphoma. Bauer was suffering from an extensive list of side effects. Side effects, all listed in the Convenia product insert!

The veterinarian asserted to me that ‘it is impossible to have a reaction to Convenia’. He denied the reaction as it was not an immediate reaction and did not present at the clinic at that.

Zoetis, the Convenia manufacturer, states in their product insert “Covenia may persist in the body for up to 65 days.” Bauer passed away one month after receiving the Convenia injection. He passed away from internal hemorrhaging. Convenia’s listed adverse reactions were unacceptable but they happened to my boy. Bauer was at the clinic under veterinary care for observation. I received a call and I rushed to the veterinary clinic to spend time with my boy while he was bleeding to death.

Bauer loved life and he was fighting during his last minutes, putting all his efforts towards staying with us. I wanted to hold him in my arms, but his loss of blood was getting worse. His blood was leaking through his fur. Saying our goodbyes … there are no words for this moment.

The veterinarian took action with what was available in his toolbox and Bauer suffered a reaction. The moment I saw that Bauer’s physical life was complete, I immediately felt an overwhelming suspicion. I asked and had to demand several times for Bauer’s medical file. I started investigating and gathering the puzzle pieces. The closer I was getting to see the whole picture; the veterinarian became on guard and disrespectful. This made me open my eyes to see negligence in Bauer’s file. One negligence that still hurts all my insides – is seeing that they ran labs with Platelet results of “0” , just two days before Bauer bled to death. No action was taken while Bauer was spending his last days at the clinic. They let him die and didn’t tell me he was so bad off. I trusted the wrong people with Bauer’s life. Bauer lost his life. I lost my soul mate.

The allopathic veterinary clinic considered the administration of Convenia a success – becauce, Bauer did not have to have the surgical procedure to treat the urinary issues. The veterinarian only considered the first effect of the medication. The lasting effects were disregarded. The damage was done. I couldn’t take the Convenia injection back. Death, losing my boy was not a success!

Armed with the knowledge now, that adverse reactions are common in cats who receive injections of Convenia, I had to protect other families. I filed an Adverse Reaction complaint at the FDA. The FDA acknowledged the reaction and sent their apologies.

I went further and filed a complaint against the veterinarian with the State Board of Veterinary. I was interrogated by a panel of veterinarians and public volunteers related to the field. They drilled me as if I was a medical doctor. They disrespected me. They ridiculed me when I didn’t have the conventional medical terms roll off my tongue. They went on to say that I had no right to file a complaint as I was not a doctor. I explained that I received FDA acknowledgement of the adverse reaction. I also explained that the State Board of Veterinary portrays itself as protecting the public. I was escorted out of the room. I later received a letter from the State Board of Veterinary. It was made clear I was to drop the subject. I felt threatened … I felt threatened by a board that should be “protecting the public”.

Lessons learned

Arm yourself with knowledge. Seek a trust worthy person, one who shares knowledge to empower you with information and holds your hand through difficult times. I do wish I had the Animal Naturopathic information when I needed it, to trust myself. Bauer’s passing has been giving me guidance in following my passion, making it a lifestyle, letting go of fears created by the last century of conventional medicine and the drive to help companions and their parents.

Say no to toxic medications when you have a choice. You can never take back the use of them once they have been administered.

Yes, “Nature is slow, but sure; she works no faster than need be; she is the tortoise that wins the race by her perseverance” ~ Henry David Thoreau

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“Don't believe what I post research what I post,”

~ Anonymous

Chantal L Regan

Certified Animal Naturopath

Student of Animal Acupressure

Mind Animal Spirit LLC

Disclaimer: the information provided in this article is for educational purpose only and is not intended to replace medical care or to diagnose. Unless otherwise indicated, all materials on these pages, either text or image may be used for any purpose other than personal use. Therefore, reproduction, modification, storage in a retrieval system or retransmission, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical or otherwise, for reasons other than personal use, is strictly prohibited without prior written permission.


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