November 21, 2018

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Sandy & Friends (AZ TV7) - Animal Naturopathy

November 7, 2017

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My Dog [My Cat] is a …

            Ok no name calling even though T-Rex came to mind in answering “My Cat is a …”.   Have you seen your dog tug a toy, or cat play with their mice … I wouldn’t want to be snack size and within reach of their ‘play’ area.  What are they practicing for?  They are such great hunters.   😍


            What do you feed your pets at home?  Have you thought what they would eat on their own - I mean a world without us!  What happened to “Keep It Simple Stupid”!?  We have unnecessarily complicated nutrition at the cost of our pet’s health.  In fact, the proper nutrition for any animal is … Species Appropriate Nutrition.  What is that? Just a label, a label that hopefully rings a bell - Ding! Keep it simple … species appropriate.


            This week my daughter has mastered the art of manipulating her parent for what she wants.  Somehow, I agreed to adopt a hamster.  A hamster!  Ok they are fragile … I remember as a kid I gained the skills to save my sick hamsters with raw veggies.  What a concept - raw veggies instead of the pellets from the commercial bag food.  Fast forward to today, how do I keep the hamster healthy? I will feed this rodent a species appropriate diet when s/he comes home.  They are herbivores, right?  Wrong - they are omnivores!  They are so cute.  Who would have thought they are omnivores who eat meat?


            We have a distorted view of ‘domesticated’ animals.  They are ‘simple’ enough that we fill up their bowl from the bag or cans that are conveniently prepared for us.  They don’t have a choice, they are captive in our care. 


            Imagine eating only twinkies every meal every day … we are not in Zombieland!  There is more to life than the same thing over and over.  Moving beyond the thought of eating out of a bag or can each day of our lives. 


            What are we supposed to feed our cats and dogs?  If a hamster is an omnivore, what are cats and dogs?  They are carnivores!  If you think that is a weird thought … look at their anatomy!  There is a reason I call my Finn (young cat) a T-Rex.  He is a modern T-Rex lol.  Look at them play.  I wouldn’t want a 200 lbs version of him around – like a cougar.  What would happen?  I would be a snack!